Our Story: (Mukasa Brothers Story)

Welcome to the snap shot of the Mukasa Brothers story! I would like to introduce myself as Pappi Mukasa and my brother as Monga Mukasa proudly from an African background. Together as two souls in one we produced our own business in photography, videography and music videos. Our journey all began the day I was sitting outside thinking where my passion is leading me to. Since I was young I had a passion for photography, editing and formulating music videos. My brother was on the same page, he would always join me when seeing me zoning out in capturing a perfect moment.

After long conversations and sleepless nights we decided to step it up and introduce the Mukasa Brother’s professionalism and quality work to the public. Our first booking event was in Darwin, nervous as anyone could be, we made it through the event with success ending the night with four bookings from the guests. This day on our confidence grew and we decided it was time to expand on the crew! Our fun and approachable nature was the platform that lead us to destinations where we dreamt to be.

Proudly announcing that our work did reached the Age newspaper as we were given a call not long after taking photo shoots for a graduating student. We were called to email such quality photos to be publicised in the paper. The Mukasa Brothers Production always seek room for success as we aim to keep our business booming. Never to forget “We got your back”.


Meet The Management Team


Spectacular Team

Our team is identified as a fun, easy going and bubbly squad that aims to provide you with quality services and a polished finished of the project. We aim to cater for diverse cultures and people from all communities. As a passionate team we take pride in our work and not to forget “We gotcha back”.

Pappi Mukasa: Pappi is the managing director of the company and is responsible for the overall management of the business such as finance, project management and hiring new team members for the business. Before starting Mukasa Brothers Production with his brother Monga, Pappi had experience working in the photography/videography industry for over a decade. He brings these insights and a friendly approach to customers and the different photography/videography they may need. In terms of his education, Pappi holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure) from RMIT University. Pappi is an approachable person who goes beyond and above to support his team and customers.

Monga Mukasa: As a Co-Founder of the business, Monga is actively involved in managing the business and ensuring customers have high quality photoshoots and videos backed up by great customer service. Apart from the business world, Monga has had the opportunity to develop his leadership skills further both locally, nationally and internationally. He has worked on different youths driven projects both in public and private organizations across Australia and around the world. Monga has also represented Australia as well as the Australian young people at multiple youth summits and leadership forums in countries such as The United States of America, The Philippines, Japan, Russia, Canada, Belgium, Sri Lanka and India just to name a few. Monga holds a Bachelor of Politics and International Relations degree from the University of Canberra and he also holds a Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Deakin University in Melbourne. Monga is an accomplished singer/songwriter, he enjoys playing sports and meeting new people.

Tina Mukasa: Tina has been involved with the Mukasa Brothers Production team for the past 12 years. Tina is the Receptionist and Marketing Officer for the company and her role entails performing a range of different tasks such as arranging bookings, managing social media content and keeping in contact with amazing clients. Professionally, Tina works as a Case Manager for a not-for-profit organization as well as a Confidence/Modelling Coach in the fashion and entertainment industry. When it comes to her education, Tina holds a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Public Health from La Trobe University in Melbourne. Tina is energetic, friendly and brings these qualities to her role at Mukasa Brothers Production.

  • Pappi
    Pappi Director / Photographer & Videographer
  • Monga
    Monga Manager / Photographer & Videographer
  • Pennia
    Pennia HR
  • Tina
    Tina Receptionist / Photographer
  • Raymond
    Raymond Videographer
  • Neema
    Neema Videographer
  • Ezekiel
    Ezekiel Photographer
  • William
    William Videographer / Photographer